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If you notice a change in the way you hear, for example, noises sounding muffled or needing others to repeat themselves when speaking, it’s time to schedule a hearing test. You can trust the highly-experienced primary and family care specialists at Medical Access for the friendly care you deserve. They believe in high-level patient support, so you can feel confident in the care you receive at the Medical Access locations in Germantown, Maryland, and in Alexandria and Woodbridge, Virginia. Book online or by phone now.

Hearing Test Q & A

When do I need to have a hearing test?

Hearing loss is usually very gradual, and that means it’s sometimes hard to identify the symptoms or know when you need testing. But, there are a few changes that can tell you it’s time for a hearing test:

  • Needing a louder TV or phone volume
  • Asking others to repeat themselves often
  • Difficulty following multiple speakers at once
  • Having to face others to understand speech clearly
  • Difficulty in hearing in large open areas
  • Ringing in your ears

If you or someone you love is concerned that you might have a hearing problem, it’s important to schedule a hearing test with the team at Medical Access promptly.

What does a hearing test involve?

The team at Medical Access uses a multipart testing process to diagnose hearing loss and other hearing problems, like tinnitus. 

Your hearing test typically involves wearing earphones and listening to specific tones. Your provider plays these tones into one ear at a time at different pitches and volumes. You have to confirm whether or not you can hear the tone each time.

This part of the test demonstrates how well you can hear at low and high pitches and whether you have problems hearing loud or quiet sounds. Your provider can also tell if there’s hearing loss in either ear.

Another type of test involves listening to people talking. Again, your provider plays the speech recording into one ear, then the other. The voices are quiet to begin with. You need to try and repeat what was said on the recording.

If you have problems hearing when there’s background noise, part of this test is likely to include trying to repeat the speech you hear in a noisy environment.

Are hearing tests painful?

No, hearing tests aren’t painful. The medical professionals at Medical Access have a gentle manner and are always happy to answer questions to relieve any concerns you may have. 

You don’t need to worry about having a hearing test. There are no right or wrong answers and you don’t pass or fail. The test is just an efficient way to assess your need for help with hearing clearly.

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