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Family care services provide expert diagnosis, treatment, and wellness care for all members of your family, from infants to seniors. The expert team of family care professionals at Medical Access also offers extensive preventive medicine services, onsite lab tests, and support for patients with chronic health problems. Contact the Medical Access office that's most convenient to you in Germantown, Maryland, or in Alexandria and Woodbridge, Virginia, to find out more about the benefits of family care, or use the online booking form today.

Family Care Q & A

What is family care?

Family care is an approach to your health that takes a holistic view of providing care for every member of your family, from the youngest to the oldest.  

When it comes to your health care, it helps to have a doctor who knows you on a personal level.  At Medical Access, the team not only offers exceptional treatment for when you require immediate medical attention but excellent primary care as well.

The Medical Access team delivers comprehensive family care services. They treat acute illnesses, provide a range of physical exams and vaccination schedules, assess specific issues such as allergies, and support the management of any long-term conditions you might have.

Why do I need family care when I can use urgent care services?

You might think that family care is unnecessary when you can access urgent care services for unexpected illnesses or injuries. However, family care is superior because it offers personalized preventive medicine services that urgent care doesn't cover.

Preventive care includes having screenings for serious conditions like cancer, diabetes, and heart disease. It also helps you develop a baseline with your doctor, so they can provide more effective care if you do get sick.

At Medical Access, you don't have to decide between family care and urgent care, as both models are available onsite, along with extensive testing facilities and physical therapy services.   

What other advantages are there to family care?

The other main advantages of family care are the continuity and convenience it offers.

You could choose to use an internist who specializes in adult medicine for your primary care. However, your children would then need to go to a pediatrician who specializes in child health. You might also need to use a third facility for urgent care.

Using this model means separating the branches of your family and losing the benefits of your provider having insight into your family dynamic. With a family care model, everyone in your household benefits from the familiarity and efficiency of having the same doctor.

By creating a trusting and respectful relationship with your provider at Medical Access, you embrace the opportunity for them to provide more effective family care throughout your life.

Find out more about family care and why Medical Access is such a good choice by calling them today or book an appointment online.