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Drug and alcohol testing shows whether you have any substances in your body that could impair your ability to work safely. The expert team at Medical Access has onsite testing facilities that conform with the requirements of DOT (United States Department of Transportation) regulations regarding drug and alcohol testing. Contact the Medical Access office that's most convenient to you in  Germantown, Maryland, or in Alexandria and Woodbridge, Virginia, to find out more about drug and alcohol testing, or use the online booking form today.

Drug and Alcohol Testing Q & A

Why would I need to undergo drug and alcohol testing?

Drug and alcohol testing is a requirement for anyone who drives for a living under DOT (US Department of Transportation) rules. The Medical Access team strictly follows the testing procedure detailed in the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration regulations.

Drug and alcohol testing is also something many employers and other organizations require to ensure you don't have any issues with dependency or addiction.

It's essential for them to feel confident that the effects of drugs (including some medications) or alcohol aren't affecting your judgment and conduct. In some cases, you'd lose your job for any infringement of an organization's drug and alcohol policy.

Undergoing drug and alcohol testing is a routine procedure when starting a new job, becoming involved in a sports organization, and many other areas of life. You're likely to need further tests at regular intervals as well if you stay in the same position.

What happens when I arrive for drug and alcohol testing?

When you come to Medical Access for your drug and alcohol testing, you need to bring your:

  • Employer authorization form
  • Driver's license
  • Chain of custody (CoC) form (where applicable)

On arrival at Medical Access, you register on the sign-in sheet and hand your driver's license to the receptionist so they can make a copy. You need to fill in two consent forms and return these to the receptionist, and also make a payment if you're a self-paying patient.

How is drug and alcohol testing performed?

When it's your turn for drug and alcohol testing, a member of the Medical Access team takes you through to their onsite laboratory.

You need to remove your outer clothing (e.g., gloves, hats, and scarves) and empty your pockets. Your possessions go into a locked box at the lab station, and you keep the key with you during the testing process.

You then need to fill a large cup with urine, using the adjoining bathroom. You take the specimen to the lab counter, where the technician takes the temperature of your urine and pours it into one or two smaller containers.

You must witness this procedure and the sealing of the specimens for shipping so you can sign the Chain of Custody (CoC) form.

To find out more about the drug and alcohol testing services available at Medical Access, call them today or book an appointment online.