For your extended hour medical needs

Urgent Care Medical Care is provided with a walk-in extended hour and holiday access to adults and children for illness and injury care. Medical Access is here to provide many of the same services that hospital emergency rooms offer but with shorter wait times, lower fees, and much friendlier personalized service. However, the single most important reason to utilize Medical Access for your Urgent Care is you will always see a Maryland Board Certified Physician. In a hospital ER, you can get many different levels of professionals caring for you, and not all of them are fully Certified Doctors…yet!

As an added convenience, we provide walk-in medical care for your urgent medical needs with our state of the art X-ray and other diagnostic equipment. We also provide lab services on sight. Germantown Primary Care Associates is located right next door to us and is an accredited Family Care and Internal Medical Practice.

A huge advantage for you as our patient is that when you visit Medical Access, you pay the same co-pay as a standard office visit as opposed to your expensive co-pay for an emergency room visit. Medical Access provides urgent medical care services in Alexandria VA, Woodbridge VA and Germantown MD. For more Information click here.