Read our patient’s testimonials and comments

“They’re very good. Very attentive. Its easy to call on the phone and get a live person to talk to”

— Clark

“Doctors make you feel like you’re their top priority”

— Deborah

“Between the care of the doctors and the flexibility in their schedule, I really feel like all of the doctors that I’ve seen here I can really trust”

— Shannon

“The overall experience was positive, fastest time I’ve ever had to be seen by a medical professional”

— Jonathan

“Excellent clinic! Excellent service! Have a clinic in Baltimore!”

— Megan

“Great staff, doctor listened to concerns and helped address them, courteous staff, clean facility”

— Christopher

“Online reservation process is excellent”

— Rahsaan Ali

“Quick, courteous, thorough”

— Mark

“Medical Access in Germantown is super-efficient. My PHA appointment was completed in less than an hour, and the staff is super friendly. If possible please find someone like Medical Access in Eastern Maryland, like Bowie area. D.C. clinics are very hard to access due to traffic and parking”

— Yuching

“Organized, professional and caring staff. Clean facilities. Far from my residence. (unreadable) worth the drive”

— Ingrid

“Excellent Service All Around”

— Frederick E

“Positive staff- good team, I’ll be back for future PHAs”

— Angela Rae

“Very fast service in + out”

— Michael E

“Staff was great!”

— Donald Earl

“Quick service +friendly staff”

— Eric B

“Great Service All Around. Fast, Friendly, Efficient!”

— Christopher Paul

“Great experience”

— Koffi Mensah

“Doctor seemed personally concerned. Was not just going through motions”

— Christopher Gerard

“The clinic got me in/out quickly, especially Since I’m on lunch”

— Delia

“Best service I’ve had  regarding a PHA. Very fast at getting  process started. Little to no wait”

— Andrew

“Friendly staff and physician”

— Shafiq Ali

“Service fast and efficient”

— Andrew Stanton

“Overall the service was good”

— Elsacarine Cari

“Excellent facility, pleasant staff”

— Gary Styles

“Very professional. Courteous!”

— Edward Lorenzo

“Yay! Great work!”

— Trisha Michelle


— Hengxin Chen

“The Germantown facility and staff were friendly and professional”

— David Earl

“Great service from beginning to end”

— Kendra O

“Great staff!”

— Carlisa Charelle

“Excellent staff, speedy visit”

— Jacob

“Excellent facility,courteous staff,fast appointment”

— Maryclaire

“Fast and efficient”

— Skylar

“Staff was pleasant, professional and quick”

— Steven

“The scheduling process was fast and to the point. The clinic was very clean and professional”

— Jamie

“Very professional staff and informed about the future care of the patient. Able to answer random question”

— Frank

“Outstanding service”

— Steven C

“Good job to the providers in the clinic”

— Foday

“Great staff! Pleasant and professional. Highly recommended”

— Kevin

“Very professional clinic, knowledgeable and courteous staff!”

— Leigh